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A Healthy Diet protects you in Polluted Environment.


The air pollution level in the big cities in the US is at the peak, making it difficult to breathe freely there. We all know that we need clean air to be alive, but due to increasing traffic, industries, etc., and air is getting polluted. The poison dissolving in the air is fatal for heart and asthma patients as well as children and the elderly. Even a healthy person will not be able to survive in this environment for a long time and he will also have some disease. Air pollution affects the lungs, blood, brain, immune system and reproductive system. There are some foods that contain nutrients and antioxidants that help us to fight from pollution. In this article, Dietitian Sheela seharawat is telling you about such a healthy diet which will help you to serve in a polluted environment:

Green Vegetables: Green vegetables should include coriander, amaranth greens, cabbage, fenugreek, mustard greens, radish leaves, spinach, turnip greens, sprouted lentils, and broccoli. Green vegetables contain many nutrients such as beta carotene along with iron. Eating green vegetables regularly will help you to survive in a polluted environment. Drink basil, liquorice, ginger, mint and lemon tea every day. Apart from this, eat tomatoes in salad.
Omega-3 fatty acids: Consuming a diet that contains omega-3 fatty acids will help you to preserve the contaminated air and protect you from the harmful effects of pollution. For omega-3 fatty acids, you can eat nuts, walnuts and chia seeds, etc with yogurt. This acid is also found in fenugreek, mustard, black beans and millet.
Vitamin C rich diet: Vitamin-C is a powerful antioxidant that dissolves in our body and cleanses the body. Instead of taking vitamin C supplements, a person should consume a diet full of it. Foods that contain citric acid are rich in vitamin C like orange, seasonal, lemon. Gooseberry and guava are also found in plenty of vitamin C. Mixing 2 lemons in water every day is the best way to get vitamin C.
Vitamin-E: Vitamin-E intake is very beneficial to prevent damage to your tissues. It is found in plenty in peanuts, almonds and olive oil. Flaxseed, sunflower, nuts, salmon fish, avocado, broccoli, and figs should also be consumed. Eating foods rich in vitamin E will help you a lot in a bad environment.
Things to remember:
In cities where factories and traffic are high, the air is usually polluted and if this is not taken care of in the future, the situation may get worse. In such a situation, if you want to live in an area like California, then you should start using masks along with catering. Plant as many plants as possible around you. Use public transport and do not let any type of nutrient deficiency remain inside your body as much as possible. Eat healthy foods and avoid outside foods that are sold in the open on the street etc.

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